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Home & Homestead - Iowa Real Estate Agency

Our Goal

At Home & Homestead, our mission is based on serving our clients and empowering our realtors.  We strive to provide quality service and communication for our clients. We provide the framework to help our realtors build their real estate business and career. 

We want to help you succeed. 

Mission Statement

“To not only serve the public to the best of our abilities, but to serve and empower our realtors to live their best life possible"

Our Real Estate Services

Home & Homestead Realty & Development Co. offers a wide range of real estate and contracting services in Iowa, specializing in residential and commercial properties.


Their real estate planning services provide strategic guidance for making informed decisions about property investments. Whether you're looking to buy or sell a property, they ensure smooth transactions and help you achieve the best value through detailed market analysis and expert negotiation.

In addition to buying and selling, Home & Homestead excels in finding commercial and investment properties. They offer in-depth market analysis to identify prime opportunities, helping clients maximize their investments. Their team provides improvement estimates and build-out options, ensuring properties meet clients' specific needs and preferences, whether for residential or commercial use.

Home & Homestead Realty & Development Co. is also a premier real estate brokerage in Iowa, offering comprehensive services to help clients buy and sell homes. Their real estate planning services guide clients through strategic decisions, ensuring informed investments and smooth transactions. They specialize in residential and commercial properties, providing detailed market analysis and expert negotiation to achieve optimal value.

Real Estate Planning

Whether your family is growing or shrinking, proper planning for your current and future housing needs is critical.  We will walk through your goals and hopes with you and identify potential obstacles in order to create a plan specifically tailored to you.


Commercial Property

We can help you find the right property to build your new or growing business, as well as provide improvement estimates & build out options.

Office Space

Buying & Selling

Whether you are thinking about buying or selling, Home & Homestead can help give you peace of mind when making big decisions.  We'll create a plan together, and work closely with you to help buy or sell your home so you can begin your next life chapter.


Investment Property

If you're looking to expand your investment portfolio, we'll help you find the right property to build equity in, and maximize your return, as well as provide improvement estimates & project completion options.

Fixing the Roof
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Serving Iowa, United States


Tel: 515.575.9252

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