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About Home & Homestead - Realty Brokerage and General Contracting Services in Iowa


Nate Samp   

Broker / Owner

Licensed in the state of Iowa

Tel: 515.341.6022

The idea for Home & Homestead emerged from a deep appreciation for homestead and self-sufficient living in the Midwest, coupled with a desire to help others find their perfect home. Nate, who grew up working in the construction industry with his father, became a licensed realtor in 2014. Eventually, he shifted his focus from construction to establishing a real estate brokerage.

Today, Home & Homestead offers a comprehensive, simplified approach to real estate. We offer real estate planning, where we provide strategic advice to clients, ensuring informed decisions on property investments. For those looking to buy or sell homes, we offer expert market analysis, negotiation, and transaction management to secure the best deals. Additionally, we assist clients in finding lucrative investment properties through detailed market insights and opportunities.


Beyond traditional buying and selling, we offer improvement estimates and build-out options, catering to clients who wish to fix up or build new homes. We also extend their brokerage services to other realtors, helping them create and develop their personal brands in the real estate industry. 


Discover how Home & Homestead can help you achieve your real estate goals with their comprehensive and client-focused services.

Why Choose Home & Homestead?

Our Goal

At Home & Homestead, our mission is to serve our clients and empower our realtors. We are committed to providing exceptional service and clear communication to ensure our clients' needs are met. For our realtors, we offer a robust framework designed to help them build and advance their real estate business and careers. Our goal is to foster success for everyone involved, providing the tools and support necessary to thrive in the real estate market.


Let us help you achieve your goals. 

Mission Statement

“To not only serve the public to the best of our abilities, but to serve and empower our realtors to live their best life possible."

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